Meet the new members of the Moms & Music team!

I began teaching Moms & Music™ classes in Boston in 2010. What a delight it has been!  I created the curriculum for these classes because I love music and sign language, and  because I wanted to put into practice the skills and principles I learned through my Early Childhood Education degree.  Music is a fantastic tool for engaging and teaching young children.  Every aspect of Moms & Music™ class has a purpose–an underlying skill to be learned through practice and demonstration.  It is with these goals in mind that I plan every new set of songs (with ASL signs) for each new session. Throughout the session we sing the same set of songs so that the adults and children become familiar with them and can ultimately incorporate the songs and signs into their own daily routines.  Music has brought me great joy during my journey through life, especially during motherhood.  And let’s be honest, sometimes the right song can save you from an epic toddler meltdown or soothe a  grumpy baby into a peaceful slumber.  And that’s what I call success!

I will cherish the memories of Fall in New England!

This year has brought new adventures for my family (my husband and I have four children, including 2-year-old twins).  In June we packed up our Boston home of 11 years and moved our family halfway across the world to the North Shore of the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  Whoa!  Just writing that sounds so unbelievable!  I’m still getting used to this even as I sit here looking out my windows at palm trees and tropical mountain tops.  The good news for all my Boston friends is that I have hired two new fantastic teachers to join my Moms & Music™ team and continue teaching classes in the Boston area in my stead.  I have hand-picked and trained both of these ladies and I am excited for you to get to know and love them like I do!  I will continue to personally create the curriculum for each session and work closely with the teachers to prepare them for each session.  For you the process is the same.  Registration will continue online through this website under “Class Offerings” at the top of the screen (using EventBrite as our host) and you will show up at the same location and enjoy the same class structure.

Let me introduce the new members of the Moms & Music™ team:

Kathryn has been singing from the early years of her life and truly believes in the power of singing and music for development, happiness and community building. As of July 2016, she is a first-time mom of a beautiful baby girl. Kathryn  is devoted to music-making and music education. Trained as a classical pianist, she received degrees in Piano Performance from Rice University and University of Arizona. Aside from teaching Moms & Music™ classes, she also teaches private piano lessons to students of all ages, and accompanies ballet classes for the Boston Ballet School. She also co-runs a non-profit chorus for adults with special needs called Music Makes Me Happy.  Kathryn will be teaching the 10:30 and 11:30 am classes at the South Boston Neighborhood House this Fall 1 Session.


Meet our new teacher Kathryn!

Veronica has been enjoying Moms & Music™ classes for five years.  As a nanny in South Boston for many years, she has attended class with a variety of children.  She has seen first hand the joy and education that comes from attending music class regularly with young children.  Veronica has a degree in Education and has taught and tended young children for years.  She knows how it feels to be in your shoes and knows the fun and challenge of juggling babies and toddlers in Moms & Music™ classes.  She is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish. Veronica and her husband are expecting their first child, a baby boy, in August!  Veronica will be teaching the Winthrop class and the 9:30 am class at the South Boston Neighborhood House this Fall 1 Session.


Meet our new teacher Veronica!

Best wishes from Hawaii for another wonderful session of Moms & Music™!  I’ll be starting up more classes here in the coming months. Also keep an eye out for the Moms & Music™ video that many of you were part of back in May.  The filmmaker I am working with on this project should have the video finalized in the next few weeks!



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