Registration for Spring Classes Begins in ONE WEEK!

Registration for Spring classes in South Boston and Winthrop begins Monday, March 14 at 9am!  All registration will go through the online process. Simply follow the steps below.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Follow link based on your location preference: South Boston Session! or this link Winthrop Session!
  2. Choose 1 of 3 class times for South Boston classes: 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am
  3. Complete registration and receive an email confirmation

Ta-da!  That’s all there is to it.  So tell your friends and make your plans if you want to get a space in a certain class.  Classes fill quickly and are first-come first-served.  All classes are for children 0-3 years and you can choose what works best for your schedule.  However, it typically works out that there are older toddlers (who no longer have a morning nap) in the 9:30am.  The 11:30 class is typically full of younger babies who are still napping in the morning.  There’s always a mix of ages throughout the classes and as always, you can choose whatever fits your needs.

IMG_4175I’m working on a great new set of songs and ASL signs!  Looking forward to another fun session!




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