Not your Typical Monday Morning at Moms & Music

It’s just another Monday morning.  I travel to Winthrop for my weekly class like usual.

I arrive at the Point Shirley Association Building about 10:05 am and like usual the neighborhood is quiet except for a few birds chirping in the nearby trees.  I enter the building and begin setting up for our 10:30 am class.  Around 10:20 Alicia and Keegan arrive with news that something is going on outside.  Alicia knows the family who grew up in the house across the street where it appears that police officers, EMTs and fire fighters are congregating.  She and I chat for a minute as I continue to set up.  I’m just hoping everyone is ok, assuming someone is sick or injured and called an ambulance.

It’s 10:26, class is about to begin.  I’m expecting others to start trickling in the front door at any moment.  Alicia peeks out the front door again and says, “You’ve gotta come see this!”  I finally look out and it’s like I’ve suddenly stepped out of reality and into a movie set where a hostage take down or major drug sting is about to take place.  The entire area is blocked off.  Police officers are crouched behind their vehicles with guns drawn.  One of the many police officers pacing the sidewalk in front of the building is holding one of those dog restraints and he sees me on the front porch and motions me back inside and tell me to stay inside.  I can’t remember if he told me to lock the door or if that was my own good idea.  At any rate I close and lock the doors behind us, locking Alicia, Keegan and myself into the building.  Moments later Alicia hears something at the back door and goes and finds Cheryl and Ellie standing on the sidewalk near the back door.  We usher them in quickly telling her the police officers told us to stay inside.

I continue to watch out the window and see that the police officers are directing all the cars off of Shirley St. so no one can even get to the PSA Building at this point.  I think I saw Maria in her black SUV get turned away by the police officer.  I am wishing I had everyone’s phone numbers so I could tell them what’s going on.  I call Kristin to warn her but she’s out of town with family.  I ask Kristin to text the ladies she knows and let them know that we are inside and to come to the back door if they are already in the neighborhood and wondering if we are here.

Then, we wait.  Of course at this point we realize this is serious stuff but have no idea what is actually going on.  We see the house across the street surrounded by police officers and detectives either in bullet proof vests or quickly trying to get one on.  There’s a few officers in the bushes, many more on the street.  On the other side of the building there’s a fire truck and firefighters with emergency tape blocking off each of the roads that converge on the corner of Shirley St. directly in front of the Point Shirley Association Bldg.  We can’t see what’s going on directly in front of the building and don’t dare open the doors to find out.

It’s 10:46, and there’s been no movement or action.  We continue to wait and watch.

We giggle nervously and make jokes about the ‘Housewives Held Hostage at Moms & Music’.  I suggest starting class but know that no one can focus until we know what’s going on out there.

Finally, I see an officer make a mad dash toward the back door they’ve been staking out.  And then a huge rush of movement and 5-6 officers are at the back door, kicking and shouting.  And they’re in.  Of course, we can’t see or hear anything that’s going on inside but there’s a flurry of activity all around us now and something’s coming to a head.

Minutes later a group of officers bring a man out in handcuffs.  He’s got blood on his shirt but he’s clearly not wounded seriously.  It looks as though his right foot is bloody and that there’s possibly some sort of bandage on his right hand.  He’s walking on his own and being escorted down the stairs to the sidewalk by a group of 6 or more officers, 2 holding onto him tightly.  At the bottom of the stairs something happens, though I don’t know what, and suddenly they’re grappling with him and bending him down to the ground.  At that point he is surrounded by other law enforcement.

Man in custody at the base of staircase and surrounded by law enforcement.

We see the emergency medical team prepping and bringing a stretcher over and they eventually strap the man to the stretcher and take him to the ambulance.

It’s 11:02.  We know the “excitement” is dying down so we decide to have class with just the 5 of us.  The 2 kiddos thought their private music school was pretty awesome and we made it through our whole set of songs.

I’m Looking Through the Window……and I’m seeing a lot of police officers. What’s going on today?

We finish our songs and take another look outside to see the status.  It’s like nothing ever happened.  The roads are cleared.  The emergency vehicles and police vehicles are gone.  All of the law enforcement is off the street.  If I hadn’t seen it just moments earlier I would never have guessed.  If you watched carefully you’d see that there were a few officers coming in and out of the house still.  It seemed like maybe they were doing a thorough search.  We had seen dogs earlier so we wonderd if they were drug sniffing dogs or if they were the dogs specifically trained to help apprehend a suspect who decided to run for it.  Either way, it was back to the typical quiet neighborhood that it is.

A few more minutes passed and the reporters began to arrive.  Alicia and Cheryl were ready to get going so we peeked out the front to make sure the coast was clear.  Cheryl bravely led the way down the stairs and we asked if it was safe to come out now.  One reporter saw us first and brought his camera man over quickly, with his microphone jokingly saying, “It’s safe now but you’re not safe from us!”  I think there were at least 4 channels there with their video cameras hoping to get the scoop.  They interviewd each of us for a few minutes and also asked if we had taken any pictures since they all arrived too late for any action shots.

Every reporter in town wants to know about Moms & Music!


“So did you go on with your music class while all this transpired out the window?” Why yes, we did!

And then we drove off to continue our typical Monday routine realizing that we just experienced a very unique morning at music class.  Here’s hoping for a typical Monday morning for our next class!  For those of you who were trying to get into class I’m sorry we missed you but glad that everything was well contained and everyone is safe and sound in the end.

I’ve since corresponded with the reporters and received word from Channel 7 that the story will be presented by their anchors in the 5 o’clock newscast.  If anyone sees any covereage do let us know!  We still don’t actually know the details of what actually happened today.


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