Why Sign Language?

Have you ever wondered why I teach American Sign Language (ASL) signs in Moms & Music™?

Using ASL helps keep those fidgety hands busy making it possible to stay more focused.  When children are focused they have a greater potential to learn.  Hearing and seeing these new concepts and vocabulary words through music makes it more memorable.

Using ASL enhances a child’s vocabulary and as a child’s vocabulary grows, more connections are made in their brain.  Learning sign language develops the same part of the brain as learning any second language.

When children are focused, happy, and having fun they are learning without even realizing it!  New knowledge is exciting and rewarding for children; they are so eager to learn.  Our job as parents is to make learning interesting and to remember that young children learn best through play.

Each child learns differently, and adjusting to new developmental stages in children can be a challenge, especially if you have children of varying ages. With ASL, children are learning visually, verbally and kinesthetically all at the same time.  Kinesthetic learning means learning takes place by doing a physical activity. Visual learning is when ideas and concepts are directly associated with images.  That means that even children with varied learning styles and different developmental needs can all be learning simultaneously!

Some people erroneously believe that ASL is only for deaf children or children with special needs.  Learning ASL is beneficial for all children!  For the learning process to be most effective it must be enjoyable!  Music and sign language make learning enjoyable!

Below find a few online articles about the benefits of ASL for all children.


Hearing Students, Sign Language, and Music: A Valuable Combination

The Benefits of Sign Language for ALL Children

The Benefits of Teaching Sign Language to a Verbal Child



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