October in New England!

October is my favorite month in New England.  Glorious, delicious, exhilarating, crisp and tantalizing are all words that come to mind.  It’s a time of year that is perfect for family outings and with so many options it’s not hard to find something that fits the interests of your family.

Acorn anyone?

Acorn anyone?

My family has two particular events that we look forward to every October: The Cranberry Harvest Celebration in Wareham, MA and the Haunted Hayrides (not scary at all) at Wilson Farm in Lexington, MA.

Wilson Farm Dlights!

Wilson Farm Delights!

The Cranberry Harvest Celebration:  Located just 1 hour south of Boston in the lovely town of Wareham, Ma you’ll find this delightful weekend celebration the whole family will enjoy!  This year the Celebration will be Saturday and Sunday October 12-13, 10am -4pm each day.  Admission is free for children under 7 and $10 for adults.  However, if you’re quick you can snatch up this LivingSocial deal and pre-purchase 2 or 4 tickets at half price.  What a steal!  Once there you’ll discover acres and acres and acres of festivities including bouncy houses, kid crafts, live music, artisan booths selling enticing wares, and food vendors.  This is a BIG festival so plan to bring a stroller if you have little ones whose legs tire quickly because you’ll want to explore all of those acres, I promise!  They have shuttle buses conveniently located in the parking lots (parking is free) that will shuttle you to the main entrance.  Inside the Festival you can also take a shuttle bus out to the actual cranberry bogs!  This is by far the highlight of the day so don’t delay, sometimes in the afternoon the line for the shuttle buses can get long so it’s best to get out there early.  Out by the bogs they have demonstrations, more live music, more food vendors, a fantastic live owl show, an enormous sand mountain for the kids to play on, and a hayride around the bogs.  The fun never stops!  You can even walk right up to the edge of a bog and pick a fresh cranberry out of the water and pop it in your mouth.  Not that I have ever done such a thing, just saying that you could if you wanted.  Oh boy, I’m so excited!  Hope to see you there!

Cranberries galore!  These machines are picking the berries which then float to the top of the water for collection.

Cranberries galore! These machines are picking the berries which then float to the top of the water for collection.

Cranberry Festical hayride around the bogs with a tour guide to answer all your questions.

Cranberry Festival hayride around the bogs with a tour guide to answer all your questions.

Wilson Farm Haunted Hayrides, Lexington, MA: When we first moved to this area from out West we lived in Lexington for a short stint.  It was a great treat because we lived only a few blocks from Wilson Farm and were delighted when we discovered their wonderful October festivities!  All month-long they have charming decorations and delectable harvest treats to sample and purchase.  On the weekends they even have an awesome donut machine cranking out fresh apple cider donuts for your taste buds’ delight.  It’s almost as fun to watch them being made as it is to eat them!  Oh and don’t forget their hand dipped caramel apples.  YUM!  Ok, I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Hot off the press!

Hot off the press!

And don’t get the idea that there’s only sweets, because one of my other favorite things is all the fresh veggies and savory snacks they have so beautifully displayed, many available to sample.  I love their cauliflower with homemade blue cheese dip.

I almost forgot to mention their farm animals.  They have a llama folks (not to mention chickens and pigs)!

Meet "Belle" the friendly llama at Wilson Farm.

Meet “Belle” the friendly llama at Wilson Farm.

Okay, I got a little carried away there, this was supposed to be about their hayrides!  They begin this weekend and run on certain days at certain times through October 31 (check the website link above for specific days and times).  The hayrides are FREE and pulled by a tractor through their fields to get a closer look at their “spooky” decorations.  The hayride is appropriate for all ages, adults, babies and children alike!  We love it so much we try to make two trips there during the month.  This year will be our 9th year in a row and its charm hasn’t diminished a bit.

Off to the Haunted Hayride.  Oh boy!

Off to the Haunted Hayride.  Oh boy!

Glorious New England!  Enjoy it!



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