A Fun and Creative Way for Anyone to Learn their Music Notes Quickly!

Until you speak it and read it, music can feel like a foreign language.  Our ears know what they like to hear, but when our eyes look at a sheet of music it might feel like a jumble of symbols that don’t have meaning.  Just as children learn foreign languages best at a young age, they can also learn how to read music notes at a young age!  Right Brain Music‘s Learning System is a fun and creative way for anyone to learn their music notes quickly!

How does this work?  The Right Brain Music Learning System can be used at home or in conjunction with music/piano lessons.  Check out this short video to see the products and how they work!  

Want to see more?  Here’s one music teacher’s review on the Right Brain Note Learning System: Teacher Review

Moms & Music™ has teamed up with Right Brain Music to offer a special discount to those interested in learning how to read music in a fun engaging way!  Here’s the scoop: the Right Brain Music Note Learning System is offered at a very reasonable price, only $54.99 for the whole kit.  But, use this special code RBM10%5 and receive 10% off the already low price!  This code will save you $5.50.  The shipping for the whole kit is $10.  Your grand total with shipping will only be $59.49!  This kit can be used for years and years and with multiple children. It will be well worth the small investment.

The Right Brain Music Note Learning System includes:

Right Brain Music Learning System $54.99

  • 1 Right Brain Music Flash Card Set
  • 1 Right Brain Music Practice Book, Levels 1 & 2
  • 1 Right Brain Music 5 x 7 Laminated Note Card with Pen
  • 1 Right Brain Music Laminated Piano Key Chart
  • 1 Right Brain Music Piano Sticker Set
  • 1 Right Brain Music Note Reference Chart
  • 1 Right Brain Music Memory Game



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