Online Signing Dictionary for children!

I am really excited about this!  There are lots of online sign language dictionaries out there that are quite good, and they’ve been super helpful to me over the years, but I was really excited when I got notice that “Signing Time!” made one just for kids!

There’s only about 90 signs in this one but they are all signs that are relevant to children.  Many other online sign dictionaries are very extensive, which can be great when you need that, but if you are just looking for signs to teach your young child this is a great resource and less to sift through.  I also love how animated Rachel Coleman is, she makes signing fun!  And they also added a cute little picture of the word you are signing as another visual cue.

Interested in knowing how to sign pajamas?  Or how about bath, potty, or wash hands?  Come check it out, they’re all in here: Signing Time Online Sign Dictionary

If you aren’t familiar with “Signing Time!”, they are a company that also makes fun videos that teach children sign language through catchy songs and animation.  I think they are really well made.  I never wanted to spend the money for them personally, but they were a perfect gift for my kids from Grandma and Grandpa!

And if you are new to Moms & Music and haven’t yet heard why I love teaching children sign language, then check this out: Why Sign Language?



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