Book Review: Dads are Such Fun! {Father’s Day}

Dads are Such Fun written by Jakki Wood with pictures by Rog Bonner. “Everyone knows that Dads are Such Fun–even the animals in the zoo.”  This is a darling book that I found back in the day when I was single and teaching full-time.  It was good enough that I bought it on the spot and added it to my book collection, hoping someday to have a husband and child toDads Are Such Fun share it with!  So glad that dream came true!  Now it is well-loved by both of our children.  We just pulled it out again in a recent reorganization of our book stash and I thought it would be a perfect book to highlight for Father’s Day!

The charming illustrations and text give you a glimpse into the relationships between offspring and parent of different animals such as a gorilla and his infant, a koala and his joey, an elephant and his calf, and of course a human with his son and daughter.  “My dad’s such fun.  We play all day…and then I get a piggyback ride home.”  Can you guess which animal this description is referring to?



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